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Sat Dec 9 20:57:24 2006

Karen, I"m so sorry to hear of your suffering. If you've been reading these posts for very long, you'll find that there is a great deal of understanding here. One thing is certain in your case that if you had adhesions before the perforated bowel, you're certainly going to have them afterward. The body is

a very magnificent thing. When there is a perforated bowel, there of course is peritonitis, but the body walls it off and tries to contain it. So, you may have had an increase in adhesions in the area where you had peritonitis,

but since you already had adhesions, the rest of the abdominal cavity is already going to be pretty much keeping up with the are where there was an insult from infection. Unfortunately, you belong to an insurance company that requires you to sign an arbitration agreement. That doesn't mean, however, that you have no legal

recourse. If you are not satisfied with their decision after you have initiated a formal grievance, you have the right to request that your case be reviewed by an outside arbitration attorney. Again unfortunately, you have now gone beyond the time frame for statute of limitations. They are correct in stating that perforated bowel is one of the possible problems with belly surgery, especially for those with adhesions, however, that's no excuse to do a poor job. Where about in California are you? Cedar Sinai is not a Kaiser provider, but

you should be able to request a consultation for future problems that may require surgery.... Reba

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> I have got so depressed over kaiser since they perforated my intestine
> in 2003 they dont think they are at fault that it was a risk of surgery
> and i should explore my options for treatment. they did it to me and
> dont want to pay me for their mistake they dont think the dr was at
> fault I know it wasnt intentional, but she did make a mistake which
> causes adhesions to cause bowel obstructions, and stomach pain,
> digestive problems etc. I had adhesions from ovarian cancer 10 years
> ago but those adhesions did not cause bowel obstructions at all, until
> My surgery in October 2003. that surgery has me with these tough fibran
> adhesions that cause these problems i had surgery in March 2004 & july
> 2004 for adhesions none since, but sometimes i feel really depressed
> when I never know what i eat makes it hurt, and cause diarrea, or pain.
> Sometimes i dont want to live anymore but I have a son to raise. I feel
> everything you all feel, I live in calif and have been on my job as a
> clerk at medical clinic for 12 years, they have been there for me cause
> i was off work for almost a yr frmom 2003-2004. the docs say that as
> long as i have adhesions i will hv obstructions for life, and there is
> nothing they can do but give anti spasm meds and pain meds, I dont like
> pain meds they make me feel invisible, and i cant work. I dont know if
> there is anyone else out there who got obstructions from error during
> surgery if so please email me. We all need to get together and write to
> our senators to get some time of cure or help, we cant be left out to
> figure it out on our own. Please email me anyone with any advice.
> karen. ps i did receive an email from someone
> regarding ARD if anyone wants to read it please email me it offers some
> solutions.

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