Christine and Brandy

From: Becky Tucker (
Wed Dec 6 19:02:31 2006

Hi all, I've been out for a while, but lurking again. I'm so sorry, Christine and Brandy for all the suffering that most of us know first hand that you are going through. All our hearts break for you. There are a few of us who have had positive experiences and are here to let you know that you should NEVER give up hope. Brandy, first of all QUIT asking your husband why he stays. He

obviously loves you, and I can tell you from my own experience, that this suffering we do can both make and break our relationships with our spouses. I'm one of the very fortunate ones who found strength in our relationship through adversity. My husband will tell you in a New York minute that he is a stronger and much more peaceful man inside today because of the suffering he has had to endure with me. Please know, folks, that your suffering can have some very deeply positive effects on others. Brandy, allow your husband

to know that there are many men and women out there who ARE standing by their suffering mates and being the rock that we all can often need. I commend your husband and the spouses of all of you out there who have had to

cause the suffering of other family members. On a hopeful note, for those of you who are new here, I had my last surgery in December 2005 and have been pain free and obstruction free since February

2006. I realize that on the big scheme of things, that's a relatively short period of time, but I have been off the morphine and fentanyl since January 29th and have not had one iota of pain or obstruction since. Cedar Sinai Dr.

Philip Fleshner is a phenomenal Doctor and so is the motility specialist, Dr. Mark Pimentel. I feel that I very well may owe the two of them my life. I was on TPN, morphine pump, fentanyl suckers and patches, and had several bouts with septicemia that nearly did me in. The infections actually attacked the cervical bones and dissolved two of the disks in my neck. I now

have arthritis and a fusion, however, that pain doesn't touch the pain I had

before and I simply use Tylenol since I can't use any anti-inflammatory meds

because of the inflammatory bowel disease. It's very amazing what we can all

go through, having suffered as much as we do. I am in awe of us all! Reba

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> Of
> Christine Avendano
> Sent: Friday, December 01, 2006 3:25 AM
> Subject: Hello, I am new
> Hello, I have adhesions, and have been reading your website and have made
> contact with Dr. Redan. I am planning to meet him on the 8th of December
> for a consultation. I live in Minnesota, and will be in Florida for a
> National Chess Tournament, provided I do not end up hospitalized in St.
> Paul
> yet again for bowel obstructions. I have spent the better part of a month
> in the hospital recently, and I am still not feeling well, and am very
> uncomfortable, bloating, and throwing up almost daily. I discovered Dr.
> Redan by accident, and the fact that I will be out there next week is
> shear
> luck.
> I had a massive peritoneal infection following a surgery in 1994, and a
> number of surgeries followed to repair organs, remove organs, and
> basically
> get healthy. I have been having problems with small bowel obstruction, and
> my doctor says it is related to adhesions, and that really there is
> nothing
> that can be done. Thankfully, I have found this website, and I am hoping
> that Dr. Redan will be able to deal with the problems that I have. Is
> there
> anyone on this listserve who is currently reading the posts and has had a
> positive adhesion removal experience?
> Christine

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