Re: Adhesion surgery with Dr, Redan on Thursday 10/19/06

From: Melissa (
Sun Oct 29 13:27:30 2006

At Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Stacey wrote: >Stacey,

i e-mailed Dr. Redan after I had heard about him on this site. I e-mailed late on a Fri. night and Sat. Morning at 8am he called me. I was blown away. I am in the process of doing all I can to get to see him. I have had 10 surgeries for adhesions and truly have never not had pain from them in almost 6 years. Was it hard to get in to see him? any suggestions or advice? I am so glad you are feeling better and hope it continues for you. Thank you for posting about your experiences.

Melissa Judd

>Well, it has been 4 days post-op now and I am feeling pretty good. I >have to say the whole surgical experience with Dr. Redan was a good >one, from going to sleep, to waking up from the aneshtesia. I was even >able to get up and walk after about 2 hours into recovery. He showed me >pictures afterwards of what he did, my bladder was completely adhered to >my abdominal wall as was my small intestine. The pictures of this was >amazing.

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