Re: Adhesions and Pain Management

From: Sandi (
Sun Oct 29 13:26:31 2006

I think your best bet at this time is to see a pain management doctor. You would have to check with your insurance to see if you need a referal. I have been under the care of a pain management specialist for several years ( pain due to pelvic/abdominal adhesions) and they are basically the only ones that will oversee me for this disease. They work together with my primary doctor to try to keep me as stable as possible. Best of luck to you!!

At Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Daniel J wrote: >
>Some of you know my story, but its been a long year testing (CT scans,
>EGD's ERCP's, Ultrasounds, Hydrogen Tests, a test for Celia disease and
>others) and we are left finally with the adhesions that we thought were
>the problem all along. Seven years ago, when I had my ileostomy
>surgery, the doctors had me on the table removing the adhesions I had
>acquired from the surgery fifteen years before to remove my colon. The
>surgeon I have lately seen (but who did niether of the previous
>surgeries) sent me for a Barium X-Ray to see if the pain was caused by a
>blockage due to adhesions. He found nothing, as did the rest, but the
>pain is still there and absent a blockage, he will not perform a surgery
>for the adhesions because, of course, surgery will only produce further
>adhesions. So he has put me on Librax to calm my intestines, hoping
>that that will relieve the pain. It really has done nothing for the
>pain and as of now, he wants to wait and see with no further
>appointment. I've been frustrated with this for well over a year now,
>but at least feel confident that adhesions are the problem. I am just
>now frustrated with dealing with the pain and nausea and fatigue. Does
>a person seek pain management for this? Would one have to be referred to
>a pain management specialist by a surgeon? Or can one simply find one in
>the phone book? I can live with this if I know that there is some
>occasional relief. Any suggestions? I sure appreciate those of you who
>have responded to previous messages!

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