Re: Adhesion surgery with Dr, Redan on Thursday 10/19/06

From: Stacey (
Wed Oct 25 22:20:33 2006

Well, it has been 4 days post-op now and I am feeling pretty good. I have to say the whole surgical experience with Dr. Redan was a good one, from going to sleep, to waking up from the aneshtesia. I was even able to get up and walk after about 2 hours into recovery. He showed me pictures afterwards of what he did, my bladder was completely adhered to my abdominal wall as was my small intestine. The pictures of this was amazing. I actually got to see what had been causing me so many years of agonizing pain, and what so many doctor had called "constipation". I am still having some pain, not too bad though. It is easing up with each day. I am planning on going back to work in a couple of days, I am a paralegal, so I don't do a lot of heavy lifting or anything like that. He told me he cut two huge chunks of adhesions out of my body, and by looking at the pictures, I could see exactly where they were too. The pain coincided directly where he cut, ladies, don't ever let another doctor, tell you that you are crazy, that your pains are in your head, or that you are just "constipated". Because we are not. These Adhesions are for real, and they caul real problems. Since surgery, my bowel function has come back, my urinary funtion has come laxatives or anything. I was taking laxatives 2x a week, just to have a bowel movement. I was amazed today, I had a bowel movement for the firt time in probably 10-12 years without taking a laxative of some sort. Pretty amazing. Dr. Redan is the greatest, he is the greatest surgeon I have ever seen for this type of problem. If you have extensive adhesive disease, find a why to see him. I don't know how, or what way, it took me nearly 7 years to finally be able to see him, but you have got to get to him, he is great. One thing though, he hates smoking, if you are going to go see him and you smoke, make sure you stop smoking first. He will really let you have it if you are a smoker and tell him you are going to stop, and then, don't stop all the way. I found out the hard way. He let me have it, but I know he was only looking out for my health in the long run.......


At Wed, 18 Oct 2006, Sarah wrote: > >>I felt the same way!!! I go to see him for my second post op checkup >tomorrow. I'm doing great! Isn't it funny, you just want to tell everyone >because you struggle for so long and then when you finally find the right >dr. you want everyone to know!!! Good luck on your surgery! Mine went >great, the hospital is great as well...all private rooms, nurses are great, >and you can see the Disney fireworks from some rooms (a nice perk)! Good >luck!

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