ADEPT - Approved by FDA?

From: Nancy (
Wed Oct 25 22:20:18 2006

I've followed this message board for many years. I've had six surgeries resulting in varying degrees of success (or lack of it!). My last surgery was 3 1/2 years ago, and while my condition isn't perfect, I am managing my endometriosis with Lupron and the adhesions never returned as bad as after all of my other surgeries. After my earlier surgeries, I'd get 3-6 months before I was worse than before the surgery. This last surgeon knew what he was doing and it made a difference for me. However, I am starting to ponder surgery again to excise the endometriosis. Of course I'll wait as long as I can because of the adhesion complications that I have had in the past.

I have read that the FDA has approved ADEPT for use in the United States. Has anyone had success with this product? I understand that it has been used in Europe for 6 years. Supposedly the FDA approved it this past August.

If anyone is aware of outcome information using this product, it would be extremely helpful. I'm sure that I am not alone in my hope that, over time, new treatments would become available so that we can start beating this condition, not just managing it. It does seem weird, however, that there hasn't been a lot of discussion on this forum about this product. Most of the discussions has centered around that SprayGel that hasn't been approved.

Just wondering....


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