Re: Help for adhesions !

From: Debbie (
Wed Oct 25 22:19:12 2006

<<My Adhesions attach, among other things, my liver to my diaphragm-which >means quitting breathing would help >>


When I read the above comment in your post it was a huge AHA! moment for me.

I, too, have adhesions attaching my liver to my diaphragm and you're the first person I've met who also suffers with this problem. I know it's pathetic of me but it makes me feel better somehow to know that I'm not alone.

Do you have any idea what caused the adhesions between your liver and diaphragm? While I've had many pelvic and abdominal surgeries for endometriosis, c-section, appendectomy and cholecystectomy I have never had surgery in the area where the adhesions are so I've no idea why they've formed there.

There is a pulling pain there most of the time which is excasperated by certain movements. Sometimes there is throbbing pain, like today, but it is generally a constant pulling sensation. No one has been able to explain WHY those adhesions are there. At the last surgery I had in 2003 I asked my endo surgeon to have a good look around up there since I've had the pain for so long. That was when he noted the adhesions. His op report says he made the decision not to remove the adhesion due to the hepatic vein being so close. I guess that means I'm stuck with them. When I questioned the doc about these adhesions he said maybe I was born with them. I'm skeptical of that explanation, though, because I've had numerous other surgeries for endo where my diaphragm and liver were always thoroughly inspected by the same surgeon who found them in 2003 and they weren't there previous to that.

Have you ever talked with any surgeon willing to remove the liver adhesions for you?

Thanks for listening.


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