Re: Help for adhesions !

From: Margaret (
Fri Oct 20 15:11:18 2006

My Adhesions attach, among other things, my liver to my diaphragm-which means quitting breathing would help (LOL!)Also lifting my right arm is pretty iffy. If you've become lactose intolerant after having adhesions for a while, one thing to look into is (here I go again, I rant about this all the time!) is Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome, which can be caused by dysmotility in the intestine. It can be a complication of adhesions which can damage the bowel. Since they can now treat BOS with new meds with fewer side effect than the old standard, Flagyl, its worth looking into if you develop the symptoms...


  I do experience intestinal pain which I know is caused >by gas but there is the stabbing, burning , and pulling pain caused by the >adhesions that are attaching my intestines to my other organs. 

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