Re: Surgery is 2 weeks away! UPDATE

From: Kris (
Mon Sep 4 17:42:16 2006

Update: My surgery is one week away and I went yesterday for my Pre-op appointment. I will have 3 surgeons this time an OB/GYN, a General surgeon and a Urologist (to put stents in my uterers (sp?).

I have started taking clomid now which I will take for the next 5 days. I am taking this to hopefully enlarge the remnant making it easier to find.

I hope you are all having a pain free day!!

Remember September is ARD Awareness Month!!


At Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Kris wrote: > >I am going to be undergoing my 9th surgery on my abdomen. This time it >is for ORS (Ovary remnant syndrome). The reason for my ORS is, >according to my doctor, is because of my "massive" scar tissue and >adhesions. They are planning on going in and "cleaning up" the scar >tissue and adhesions although the last time they did this they "nicked" >my colon. The general surgeon (not the same one that will be doing the >surgery this time) said it is extremely difficult to tell where the scar >tissue stops and the organs begin. > >I know that this is not the end of my ARD because I know they will be >back but hopefully it will be like my past history where I will at least >get 2 years almost pain free.

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