Re: Adhesions

From: Kris (
Mon Sep 4 17:42:03 2006


As far as I know there are not any tests that will show the actual adhesions. I have had CAT scans, xrays, ultrasounds etc.. they have never shown up but both my doctor and I know that I have massive adhesions and scar tissue. They were able to dectect them once by seeing a narrowing in my bowel which they "believed" was caused by adhesions and scar tissue but they never actually "saw" them outside of surgery.

Good Luck! Kris

At Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Lisa wrote: >
>I had a tah/bso hysterectomy in 1996 for Endometriosis.Lately I have
>been having problems with pelvic pain & back pain,& my Dr.thinks that
>the problem could be adhesions.I had a ultrsound done,nothing was
>found.Are there any tests that adhesions will show up on?

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