Re: C-Section adhesions...

From: Robin M (
Mon Sep 4 17:38:53 2006

Dear Amanda, It very well could be adhesions. I don't think it is dangerous, but you should talk to your Dr about it. I got adhesions from my first c-section in Oct 1983, and had another c-section in Nov 1984 and another one in July 1987. All my babies were born healthy. I also know there is a mild sleeping pill that can be taken while you are pregnant. These concerns should be talked about with your Dr. Robin M

At Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Amanda wrote: >
>I had a c-section for my dughter 10 1/2 monts ago. I am pregnant again
>(5 weeks) and I am getting pulling and cramping in my stomach. It hurts
>a bit and makes it had to sleep. Someone told me this is adhesions. Is
>this dangerous?

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