C-Section adhesions...

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It very well could be adhesions but more than likely at 5 weeks pregnant it is what we call Round ligament pain.And Yes you can  have it as early as five weeks!!! It is also not uncommon for it to be worse with your 2nd or 3rd Pregnancies than with the first.I would however mention it to your OBGYN just to rule out any other problems that can occur in early pregnancy.I wish you the best!!!!

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Dear Amanda, It very well could be adhesions. I don't think it is dangerous, but you should talk to your Dr about it. I got adhesions from my first c-section in Oct 1983, and had another c-section in Nov 1984 and another one in July 1987. All my babies were born healthy. I also know there is a mild sleeping pill that can be taken while you are pregnant. These concerns should be talked about with your Dr. Robin M

At Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Amanda wrote: >
>I had a c-section for my dughter 10 1/2 monts ago. I am pregnant again
>(5 weeks) and I am getting pulling and cramping in my stomach. It hurts
>a bit and makes it had to sleep. Someone told me this is adhesions. Is
>this dangerous?

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