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Mon Sep 4 17:38:32 2006

Don't you hate the NG Tube? I had it so many times, I could practically put it in myself! My surgeon was a honey and gave me a G-tube for drainage during one of my surgeries and I never went back to having an NG tube again.

What a pleasant thing compared to an NG tube. I've had four G-tubes all together now, and I loved them. I always used a 100% silicone foley catheter

for the g-tube, or a MIC (Mickey) tube that had a tension disk right on it. I got pretty creative about hiding it in my clothes and was thus able to decompress my bowel obstructions at home with pain control and often IV fluids without even having to go to the hospital. Let's face it. No one knows their bodies like we who suffer from adhesions. I could tell a bowel obstruction coming on days before I got into real trouble and could ward it off with aggressive abdominal decompression with the g-tube to drainage and if I couldn't hold down clear liquids, the doc would have the home health people come out and give IV fluids at home. I don't know about anyone else, but I HATE going to the hospital!!!! Rebecca

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> I am new to this site and very relieved there is actually other people
> who have these problems. I am in the hospital every 4-6 weeks with
> bowel obstructions, either complete or partial. NG tubes down my nose,
> IV pain medications, etc... I thought I was the only person with this
> problem. I do see a pain mangement doctor but I really want to try to
> Lysis my adhesions with surgery, I realize this can be a double edged
> sword but I want to take the chance. I hate the medications I am on and
> I would sttle for any improvement rather than every 4-6 weeks being in
> the hospital. Does anyone know of a surgeon in the San Diego area that
> is willing to do this surgery?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Deidre

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