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Mon Sep 4 17:38:11 2006

A Retrograde Barium Follow-through (like a barium enema) is the best, but it

takes a special radiologist to do that properly. There is a Dr. Brae in Los Angeles who does them and he's the developer of the table that's used for this test. I believe there are only four places in the world that do the test with the proper table and technique. It takes about 2 hours of ax-raying with the C-arm. It's definitely worth it since it identifies all the places where adhesions are actually looped around the bowel and potentially causing pseudo-obstructions and intussuseption. Rebecca

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> I had a tah/bso hysterectomy in 1996 for Endometriosis.Lately I have
> been having problems with pelvic pain & back pain,& my Dr.thinks that
> the problem could be adhesions.I had a ultrsound done,nothing was
> found.Are there any tests that adhesions will show up on?

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