Re: No Insurance - Need Help

Mon Sep 4 17:37:58 2006

Bonnie, I'd hate to have you relocate clear to California, but it's the easiest state to get what's called MIA funds. Those are medical dollars which cover only those people who are too young or haven't been able to complete the process for SSI and don't qualify for medicaid due to age or lack of disability. (That's a relative term, isn't it!?) I was able to become fully disabled and receive SSI for adhesions, but had the same problem as you before I got to the SSI part. I could no longer afford Cobra, etc. and had also been "retired" by my employer due to the severity of my adhesions. MIA stands for Medically Indigent Adult (under 62). All states have those funds,

but not all hospitals due the application. Most welfare offices can give you

the application and you'll need to get plugged into a county hospital that has clinics for abdominal surgery problems. You'll probably have to go through the general medical clinics first, but it's worth the process to get

to the right place. Always pack snacks and liquids when you visit a county facility since it's usually an all-day least that's how it is

here, in California. Don't give up, whatever you do!! Also, you are the employer and the physicians, whether you have private insurance or state medicaid/MIA funds, the doctors are your employees. Don't settle for less that what you feel is the best they have to offer. Don't take no for an answer. Rebecca

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> Is there a state where I can get medical help through the State? I'm
> going to Delaware to stay with my daughter in hopes of finding help.

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