Adhesion specialist in Boston or Providence

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Hello all,      I hope that you're all having a pain free day - even though I know that's basically unheard of.  My adhesions have been unbearable for the past month.  I've had them for approx. 15 years.  My last surgery was in 2/05 - for a bowel obstruction (6 week hospital stay with 2 surgeries).  I went to a pain managemet dr. last week and got a prescription for percacet.  It barely takes the edge off but makes me groggy.  Does anyone know or have experience with a pain medicine that works for this horrendous pain.  I am once again passing kidney stones (a common side effect for those with inflammatory bowel disorder-I've had chronic diarhea since my last surgery).  I went and saw a urologist this week because my bladder and kidneys hurt so bad.  He did a bladder scope - Ugh!!!  We could see tons of stones floating around my bladder.  He diagnosed me with Cystitis,  He gave me 2 prescriptions to fill which I haven't rushed out to do since I believe in my heart that once again it is a result of my adhesions.  The meds also take up to 3 months to take affect.  I'm almost ready to go to Germany for surgery.  I would love to find a surgeon to preform a laparoscopy just to hold me off for 2 years until the fda approves spray gel.  Well, I just needed to vent.  Good luck to all of you.  Diena (Long Island)

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I wish you luck in finding someone. If you do, please post here. I would be willing to travel from New York. I too suffer from cysts. right now I have some on my vaginal cuff which basically is the only place left for them

to be. I get them every month and it makes the adhesion pain so bad that the pain meds don't work. I went to the hospital 4 wks ago and they did nothing. My doc said I just have to ride them out. No one knows why I get them because I had a hysterectomy when my son was born and my ovaries removed 2 years after that. I should not have any cysts or endo, but when the docs did surgery last year it was all there.

Take care

Ann Marie

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