Re: Adhesion specialist in Boston or Providence

From: Jeanette Chamberlain (
Fri Aug 18 18:51:38 2006

Hello Ann Marie and Linda,

I am scheduled for an Adhesiolysis on September 14th with Dr. Roger Ferland at the Women and Infants Hospital in Providence Rhode Island. He is planning

to do the surgery and insert the Interceed barriers via laparoscopic surgery

but will switch to laparotomic surgery if it is necessary to release all the

adhesions. I have never had him perform surgery on me before so I don't know

how successful this surgery will be but I am in such pain and misery that I am willing to take the chance that it will help. I am planning on posting the results of my surgery on the forum. If my surgery is a success then I will be able to recommend him to you with confidence. If it is not, then I will give warning to look elsewhere for help with your adhesions. I will keep you posted!

May you have more good days than bad days!

Jeanette C.

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>Subject: Adhesion specialist in Boston or Providence
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>I wish you luck in finding someone. If you do, please post here. I would
>be willing to travel from New York. I too suffer from cysts. right now I
>have some on my vaginal cuff which basically is the only place left for

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