Re: Adhesion specialist in Boston or Providence

From: Ann Marie Endres (
Wed Aug 23 17:48:38 2006


Good luck with the surgery. I hope you find some relief.

Ann Marie

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> Hello Ann Marie and Linda,
> I am scheduled for an Adhesiolysis on September 14th with Dr. Roger
> Ferland
> at the Women and Infants Hospital in Providence Rhode Island. He is
> planning
> to do the surgery and insert the Interceed barriers via laparoscopic
> surgery
> but will switch to laparotomic surgery if it is necessary to release all
> the
> adhesions. I have never had him perform surgery on me before so I don't
> know
> how successful this surgery will be but I am in such pain and misery that
> I
> am willing to take the chance that it will help.

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