Has anyone found relief from antibiotics?

From: John G. (photo4x51@netscape.com)
Thu Aug 10 17:20:36 2006

I developed peritonitis from a burst diverticuli 13 years ago. I have suffered from serious pain and disfunction ever since. The pain seemed to get worse as time went by. I haven't worked for almost 2 years now. About a year ago I took the antibiotic Tequin, for pneumonia, and almost all of the pain went away. Within a few months, about half of the pain and all of the disfunction came back. I went to an immunologist, who said she thought it was IBS and prescribed Xifaxin. That cut the pain in half again. I have been on Xifaxin and Avilox for about 2 months now and (slowly) the pain is going away again. The pain used to go from my left leg to my throat. Now it is mostly just the leg pain, and that is also going away as long as I stay on the Avilox. If I stop, the pain returns. Has anyone had this experience? I don't know how much longer I can demand the Avelox from my DR. I just know I'm never going back to that kind of pain again. Has anyone else ever gotten relief from antibiotics?

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