Re: Where's there a doc that can help me

From: Jennifer Bayles (
Wed Aug 23 17:51:46 2006

Yes, I arrived in your shoes over a year ago when I had my final surgery. What you really need now is a competent Pain Management physician, not a surgeon. I know how hard it is to believe that you will never be cured (and this in the 21st century!) but that's what most of us are facing. With a combination of narcotic pain relievers and the help of a fantastic pain psychologist, my life has gotten so much better. I've learned to get through the bad days, and make the most of the good days. And frankly, I now have more good days than ever before. Best wishes in your search for less pain. :-)

At Fri, 18 Aug 2006, janet wrote: >
>I am looking for a doctor/surgeon in my area that actually beleives that
>adhesions cause pain. I lived here 15yrs and there is no doctor that
>will operate on me, however they all seem to think that I have adhesions
>from all my past surgeries.
>To many to count, starting at age 10. I feel humiliated and embarressed
>going to my own hospitol now. They all must be thinking "here comes
>that crazy lady again". If they only knew the pain, the stigma that
>goes along with having "invisible pain". I'm so tired of trying
>different medications too. I'm so blessed to have a caring,
>understanding, patient husband and family. But still, I feel like I'm
>going through this alone.

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