adhesion 'cure' ???

From: Lynette Shriver (
Wed Aug 23 17:51:11 2006

I have had pain from pelvic adhessions for 4 years. I have tried a little of everything. I have been hospitalized for IV pain meds, had surgery to remove some of them, and finally found a good pain management Dr. 3 hrs away. I started out getting triger point injections with a steroid, which helped for about 1 month. Every month for about 6 months I would get one. Then they stopped working. The Dr. always seemed to have another plan. I started going to physical therapy for deep tissue masage.

It wasn't the most comfortable but long term it helped. Next I tried steroid injections in the nerve in my pelvis getting one a month. This again was great for about 6 months. Then they switched the medicine to ??something else that was new which worked great. Also I was on flexaril 3 times a day, lyricia twice a day, Ultram for pain as needed as well as other ones. Then I tried a TENS unit. This is a little device that had electrical leads that you stick on the area of pain and it sends electrical stimulation. This seemed to take away the pain. This was the best thing in the world. I could function again. Between the nerve inj. and the TENS life was great. I then found a new pain management Dr. 5 min. from my house. The only problem was he didn't have the new medicine they were using. However he did surgery and inserted a nerve stimulator in the area of pain. This practically made me pain free. It is a miracle. This was inserted just under my skin. There are 2 leads that go from my groin to my hip and then still under the skin the wires go around to a battery pack in my back. It feels a little like the TENS unit that was external but it is internal. If anyone would like more info on this please let me know. I now have my life back!



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