Where's there a doc that can help me

From: janet (lamb1@rogers.com)
Fri Aug 18 18:53:26 2006

I am looking for a doctor/surgeon in my area that actually beleives that adhesions cause pain. I lived here 15yrs and there is no doctor that will operate on me, however they all seem to think that I have adhesions from all my past surgeries. To many to count, starting at age 10. I feel humiliated and embarressed going to my own hospitol now. They all must be thinking "here comes that crazy lady again". If they only knew the pain, the stigma that goes along with having "invisible pain". I'm so tired of trying different medications too. I'm so blessed to have a caring, understanding, patient husband and family. But still, I feel like I'm going through this alone.

So many surgeons have told me that they don't want to operate on me because it will make matters worse, or they don't know what they will get into when they open me up. Has anyone else been told this?

Can anyone recommend a doctor/surgeon in the Toronto,Ontario area?

Hope to get a response. Please email me at lamb1@rogers.com Sincerely, J.

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