adhesions and bloating..

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One of the specilists told me that There is no test for IBS and its just rulling out everything else. I had a colonoscapy years ago (00-02?), they said that I probably had IBS (this is before they found Adhesions in 2003).  A friend recently had a colonoscapy and he was told they found evidence of IBS?  Do they have one now?

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Adhesions do cause bloating and pain. I suffer from Adhesion Disease and have had several surgeries for it.  I was diagnosed with IBS when they couldn't find the cause of my problems when it was actually the Adhesions.  It seems drs. tell a lot of people that they have IBS when in fact they don't.

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some of your pain may be due to irritable bowel syndrome, try giving up dairy and wheat for 4 weeks , it will definately help with the bloating


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