Your nightmare is my nightmare too!

From: Jeanette Chamberlain (
Mon May 1 21:53:42 2006

I have had adhesion problems for 4 years now starting from laparoscopic surgery for endomitriosis. I have had two more laparoscopies and a full hysterectomy due to adhesions and I currently take 9 pills a day to keep me functioning so that I can continue to work. I am currently scheduled for another necessary surgery in May because my bladder has prolapsed down into the area where my uterus once was and is slowly cutting off the urine flow through my urethra. I don't know if this surgery is going to turn into major surgery or not as I am currently also experiencing difficulties with my intestines???

I also have FMLA employment status but my company makes me turn in a new form every month. Dalene, does your company require the same from you or did you just have to complete one form for the permenant status. I really hate to have to take it to my doctor every month as it is very annoying for him but I will do so if that is what is required.

This whole thing has been a true nightmare for me as it has with you. It seems like my whole life now revolves around the pain I am experiencing. Everything I do is affected by it. I am so thankful for my terrific, understanding husband who just wants the Jeanette he knew back again. Believe me, so do I.

My bosses are also very understanding about my illness...medical condition...I don't even know what to call it besides nightmarish. I get the impression that my immediate manager has gone to the ARD website and read about my situation. I still worry about losing my job and I get so frustrated and angry when I feel like I am not keeping my end up as part of the team.

I am glad that I can share this with you who are my compatriots on this painful journey. I wish you all a pain free day!


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