Anyone tried one of those Therapeutic massage balls?

From: Natalie (
Mon May 1 21:55:55 2006

After years of endo and 5 laps, my symptoms from intestinal adhesions just keep getting worse. I am sick of eating scrambled eggs and yogurt. I was just noodling around the internet (in case a miracle cure for this had been found without me knowing!!) and on a message board I hit, someone had posted about the advantages of rolling around on one of those fitness balls. Allegedly, they increase blood flow and help to break up the adhesions. They can be used for adhesions anywhere, depending on your routine. One woman wrote that she bought a 16" ball from the toy department and has been using that. I figure it's worth a try but was wondering if anyone here had tried it?

PS I have tried eating the new yogurt with probiotics and can't say it helped though it does seem to cut down on some of the gas. But I am hardly eating like a normal person with normal bowel movements...


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