regarding bowel obstruction

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Mon May 1 21:52:25 2006

From: [] On Behalf Of Ann Marie Endres Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 3:27 AM Subject: ? regarding bowel obstruction

Sorry if any of this is to much information (TMI).   I know that there can be different degrees of an obstruction.  Basically I was wondering the symptoms.  With a partial obstruction you can still continue to "go", is that correct?  And if you are still "going", it is a huge task to try to get your body started.    Here is the a TMI.  When I try to go, I can't because it seems my body has completely forgotten what to do.  I am pushing but not in the manner that my body expects me to. It is so weird and I feel like an idiot.  I have gained weight, a lot of weight and I feel like a am going to blow up.  You know like on Thanksgiving day when you overeat.  The only difference is I am not overeating.  If anything I am eating less than what I normally would eat.  My sudden weight gain can be a lot of other things.  I hope I have not said to much.  Thanks for any information you can give.   Ann Marie

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