For those of you worried about getting pregnant w/ history of

From: Charitie Gillett (
Mon May 1 21:51:26 2006

I just wanted to put some fears at rest. After 8 surgies, and 3 and 1/2 years of trying, I am finally pregnant with my second child!!!!(Thank You Heavenly Father!) I am currently almost 6 weeks have first appointment next week. We were told, getting pregnant would be quite difficult, but my fertility doc said he thought I still could. It would just take a while. After a year, he said maybe I couldln't after all and to do IVF. Well, we cannot afford that. So we gave up. Just like that. And now I find myself expecting again. Please don't lose hope. I was told over and over to just have hysterectomy and all pain would go away. But I refused. Because I still had hope. Doc says he does not think my adhesions will interfere at all with the pregnancy. AND MINE ARE EXTENSIVE!!! Almost all of my pelvic organs have been fused togehter at some time or another. Don't you ever let them tell you to give up on your body. It will happen. We quit trying to the point of having sex maybe once or twice a month(because of pain) and God gave me my second baby afterall. Please remember my story when you dwell on your adhesions and your fertility chances. I only have one uncut tube and working ovary, massive adesion disease, and bound bladder and uterus(which again they are not concerned about.) I just wanted to give all of you out there fretting, and grieving some hope. Miracles can and will happen. Pray for me that baby does good, and I'll pray for you that your babies come!!!!

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