The doctor who can help you

Mon May 1 21:51:01 2006

I suffered from sever adhesions. They covered all oogans and bonded my organs toether. Both my tubes were sealed shut no hope of ever having kids and i'm only 26. I had a hernia on my small bowl and a large scection on my large bowl was fused to my other organs and only a small part of my bowl was being used. I also have endometriosis. Past stage 4 of it. I could not get out of bed for days on end and was living on nartocitis. I was getting so fed up with doctors and needed help before everything in me killed me. I found a doctor by the name of C.Y.Liu .he is is TN. He also has an office in NY. I want you all yo know how amazing this man is. He is a saint!! I went in for surgery with him on april 10, 2006. in TN. The surgery took 6 and a half hours and i only have 6 half inch scares. He video tapes the suregery so i got to see it all when i got home. I have had 2 surgerys pryer to this and did not at any means have my hopes up. I want everyone to know I have almost NO pain!!.

This man took out a tumor, cysts, endo, adhesions, fixed my organs, took out my appendex , and made me "normal" again. He is am amazing man!! this is his web site and i urge all adhesion suffers and endo patients to call him. There is hope. He opened up both my tubes and i can have babies now!!!I am in my recovering stageWhich wil take a while to get out of. and i have to say i feel 95% better!! I can go to the bathroom and have no pain i used to rock my self back and forth and cry when i had to use the bathroom now i can go and feel ok. When i recover I can go back to work and be a 26 year old again. I wish you all well and hope everyone can get the help they need-- vicki please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to chat more --

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