Re: Adhesion free!!! There is hope.

From: Robin M (
Wed Mar 22 18:47:24 2006

Dear Jed, That is GREAT news about your wife!! I too went to Germany for surgery with Spray Gel, but I went to the other DR K in Duisburg. I too am adhesion free and have been that way since June 03. robin M

At Sun, 19 Mar 2006, Jed wrote: >
>My wife and I just returned from Germany. We flew from the USA to a
>doctor just outside of Frankfurt. My wife had what the doctor
>considered to be "severe" adhesions as a result of a botched appendix
>surgery in 2004. She had two surgeries. The first actually removed all
>the adhesions and took about 4 hours to complete. Four small incisions
>were made on her belly to allow for the insertion of a camera and
>operating instruments. The second surgery conducted 7 days after the
>first was a camera check to be sure the adhesions had not
>returned..............none of them had grown back!!

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