1st time posting - advice please!!!

From: Shannon (scauthers@shaw.ca)
Wed Mar 22 18:47:47 2006

Hi There ... I am a 33 year old woman who suffers terribly with adhesions and the awful symptoms surrounding them. I have been unable to work and cannot enjoy my daily life.

I am having difficulty (as many others have expressed) in geeting proper treatment and adequate relief from my symptoms. I am taking Oxycodone for the pain (strong narcotic)in addition to buscopan and dictel. The oxycodone does take the "edge off" the pain, but I am frustrated with treating the symptoms only and not finding a solution to the root cause. I have had three laproscopic surgeries for Endo and to eridicate adhesions from prior c-section and hysterectomy, but things are now worse than ever.

My major problem right now is getting help and compassionate care my MD, employer, and especially my work and insurance company to accept my disability. My insurance company wants test results to confrim my condition, and does not accept the facyt that a colonoscopy was filed attempt as my sigmoid colon is completely fixed. I am awaiting a CT scan, but don't know if it will provide answers. How can I educate them on the seriousness of my condition and provide information necessary to help them to understand the unbeilevable and excrutitating pain I have with sitting in one position for a prolonged period and with any physical activity, not to mention that bowel movements can cause me to pass out from pain.

Please kindly provide me with advice on how to get "the medical and insurance system" to be undersatnding and supportive.

Cheers :)

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