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Hello All,   I have just been released from the hospital, after having spent another 5 days in for constipation.  Only this time the constipation also cause my bladder to quit emptying.    I have been suffering with constipation, adhesions and so much pain for the last 3 years.  I had diagnostic laproscopy surgery on February 14, 2003, and the doctor cut my left ureter and punctured my sigmoid colon.  I have had 10 abdominal surgeries since then and have been in and out of the hospital many times because of my bowels.   This time one of my doctors told me to take about 2 tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia, 2 times a day.  Once in the morning and once at supper time.  It doesn't cramp you and it keeps your bowels loose so that you cannot become constipated.  It is helping me a whole lot.  But let me tell you the taste is awful, but if you will use the mint flavored it's not too bad.   I hope the best for all of you, especially if you have had to endure anything like I have.  I just turned 39 years old and I feel like I have aged about 20 years in the last 3 years.  Just keep your head up and PRAY.  GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH!!!  HAVE FAITH!!!   >From Someone Who Understands,
Selina Salmon

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