Re: Constipation

From: Ms Lee (
Tue Mar 14 19:53:30 2006

Hi Susan,

Here is my opinion.

Anything that keeps the pipes flowing is a good thing. I think more damage is at risk if we get bound up especially if we take narcotics.

Prescription drugs for IBS like Zelnorm may be a problem for those with adhesions, but when it comes to keeping things moving I have not read anything to indicate a bad thing.

In my case I cannot do fiber, the bulk is a little to much for my bowel to process and could lead me into problems. So I take a stool softener every day, "Colace", and keeping things moving is part of my treatment plan.

I need something gentle and non-laxative. What a great cocktail you have shared, and for those that are reading do not be embarrassed to talk about this topic.

Adhesions sufferers are constantly having to find ways to keep a balance in our systems :-)

>Is this dangerous to take with adhesions?

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