Procedure to help with pain managemnet

From: tami schneider (
Wed Mar 22 18:44:12 2006

Hello, Im having a procedure at the Pain Clinic called Sacroiliac Joint Injection. If I respond then im a canidate for Radio Frequancy Riziotomy. It's when the nerve is cut and patients get uo to 1 year relief. I did talk to his patients while I was waiting to go back and I talked to a 19 year old girl who had lung surgery and they had to crack 3 of her ribs. She now has nerve pain. She comes in about 1x a year and gets her nerve cut. If I respond to this block im a canidate to have the Riziotomy. The SI Joint Inection are in the lower back, The SI joint connects the spine to the pelvis, and thus, the entire lower half of the skeleton. The procedure is used to treat patients suffering from back pain, buttocks, groin and pelvic cavitiy. Kind Regards, Tami

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