Adhesion free!!! There is hope.

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I was always told from my personal expierence with adhesions, that they always return regardless of what barriers are used.I was told by Dr.Jay Redan who is a primary specialist in adhesion surgery, that no barriers work period.I was very discouraged when I was told this and realized that no matter what type of surgery you have, 99.9 percent adhesions will return and unfortunately we all have to live with them. From: (Jed ) Subject: Adhesion free!!! There is hope.

My wife and I just returned from Germany. We flew from the USA to a doctor just outside of Frankfurt. My wife had what the doctor considered to be "severe" adhesions as a result of a botched appendix surgery in 2004. She had two surgeries. The first actually removed all the adhesions and took about 4 hours to complete. Four small incisions were made on her belly to allow for the insertion of a camera and operating instruments. The second surgery conducted 7 days after the first was a camera check to be sure the adhesions had not returned..............none of them had grown back!!

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