Re: one way too stop adhesions

Sun Mar 19 19:29:15 2006

Hi Out There, I grow Adhesions also. I have had Eight surgeries, from 1981, for Adhesion removal. Each time I have always gottrn back to normal. I have always been a 120% of a person. Eight weeks ago I tore Adhesions loose inside my lower ab. I was off work for 7 weeks. After the 6th week the Ins. company MET LIFE, stopped paying me. They would not go in and fix me because they didn't cause a hernia. So according to them there is nothing wrong, and I can heal on my own. Everyone knows they don't heal on there own. They just cause more to grow. I need to fine a Surgeon in Tucson Arizona, that will go in, and use the interceed on me. If anyone knows of a surgeon, please let me know. I think it might be an Ins. game also. The Ins. companies won't pay a Dr. if there is no other problem. Adhesions don't show up on ANY TEST. Not a CT, or MRI, or XRAY, or BLOOD TEST. Even with all of my past surgey records, they still will not help me. Please if you can hepl me, my life depends on it. I can't do my job, so I my loose it. I have been here for 24 years. If I loose my job, I will loose my home, and everything else. Thank You

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