I need to find a doctor

From: IAS Admin (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Sun Mar 19 19:28:43 2006

sender: zygotedc@hotmail.com Subject: Re: I need to find a doctor

Does any one know of a good doctor in the Detroit michigan area?

I have found a doctor, his name is Dr. Humarri. 313-565-6782. He is in Dearborn. Fabulous dr.

If you want an alternative health care doctor, an icon in this field is Dr. George Goodheart in Groose Point, unfortunately there is a three year wait to see him, but one of his associates will be just as good. Either way before or after your diagnosis's, it would be invaluable to yourself to be a patient of this clinic.

They always have other doctors to refer to, too.

Good luck

Dr. Mike Fritz

P.S. Wish I was his patient!!!

My phone 866-766-1682 FFI

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