Adhesion free!!! There is hope.

From: Jed (
Sun Mar 19 19:27:47 2006

My wife and I just returned from Germany. We flew from the USA to a doctor just outside of Frankfurt. My wife had what the doctor considered to be "severe" adhesions as a result of a botched appendix surgery in 2004. She had two surgeries. The first actually removed all the adhesions and took about 4 hours to complete. Four small incisions were made on her belly to allow for the insertion of a camera and operating instruments. The second surgery conducted 7 days after the first was a camera check to be sure the adhesions had not returned..............none of them had grown back!!

The surgery was not cheap, about 15,000 dollars and required us to be out of the country for almost three weeks, this was difficult and expensive. The language barrier we found to be a major problem too altho there are some english speaking staff. The travel was difficult too, 11 hours flying time going and 17 hours returning.

The result? Well, she's adhesion free. Her breathing has improved considerably and her bowel movements are returning to normal. She is still taking pain meds but we are hopeful that with time these too can be reduced and/or eliminated. It's important to realize that many patients are experiencing health problems/pains as a result of issues other than adhesions. The removal of adhesions therefore may or may not eliminate all of the patients health issues. That being said, adhesions are not good regardless of any other concerns and are only going to make things worse, not better.

I would highly recommend that those of you suffering look into surgery in Germany. Dr. K. has a process and it works! The surgery is gasless and includes the use of Spraygel, a product that inhibits re-growth of the adhesions.

Kind regards and best wishes to all of you. I am not frequenting this board so if you would like to contact us please feel free to do so.

Jed and Jenifer

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