ok whats going on

From: Kelly (mazda_lady66@hotmail.com)
Sun Mar 19 19:25:53 2006

I've dealt with adhesions now for almost 10 years , and 5 surgeries later still dealing with them , my last was was March of 2005 so yep just a year. I'm dealing with the pain , but a new problem has arised , went to dr the other day and of course she felt my tummy and i screamed lol. and said i'm sending you to a surgeon and i'm like no your not they can't do anything anyways and they will just grow back . Well they did a urine test while i was there and my bilirubin is elevated and i have been having some pain in the right side of my ribs . my question is can adhesion affect your liver??? if you have any answers please email me ... mazda_lady66@hotmail.com. thanks for hearing my grip

Kelly Vernon
hope everyone has a pain free day today .. God bless you all..

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