my last test what does this mean

Thu Dec 29 22:13:21 2005

Hello all, I need to vent and ask some questions to hopefull make some kind of sense to what is wrong with me. I am basically getting worse and worse and my doctor wants to do surgery to try to remove adhesions and endometriosis. I have a question my report from what my doctor wrote says the following Extensive adhesions of the abdominal wall with some loops of the bowls noted adherent to the omental cake. The upper abdomen could not been seen because of the omental cake.I understand the rest it basically says my overys and tubes are no longer visable and covered with endo and adhesions. The adhesions are attaching the overys to my bowls. But i am a bit confused on what a omental cake is. If any one could explain it would be greately apprechiated. I have problems going to the bathroon and am so nausus when i try to eat, I am not getting better but cant afford to have surgery right now.

Thank for everyones help i hope you all have a happy holiday. Vicki

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