Re: Pain

From: Melody (
Sat Oct 29 17:18:21 2005

I can totally relate! I have been battling adhesions since 1990 - I have a partial small bowel obstruction due to the adhesions and have similar symptoms - I too have pain when I eat (and pain pretty much all the time) and my Dr tried to tell me last week to take anti-depressants since my symptoms are similar to IBS - I do not have IBS and refused the meds and will not go back to that Dr - I would caution you on taking some of the meds they prescribe for IBS since people that have adhesions should not take most of them - it certainly sounds like you could have adhesions with your surgical history - I can also relate to "people" not thinking it is real...good luck to you....feel free to write me back if you would like to "talk". At this point I have had 6 adhesion surgeries (and 4 others) no surgeon wants to touch me again as I just had my last surgery in August 2004 and had only 6 months relief until I developed the SBO.if you would like to hear more or share more of your story just let me know. I too have had to endure many horrible procedures just to satisfy the docs - I know what I have but it is so very hard to find a good doc....

At Wed, 26 Oct 2005, Renhee White wrote: >
>What first started out as some terrible pain in my upper right quadrant
>under my ribs and a stay at the hospital, has turned into a bunch of
>tests with no answers. I have had gallbladder removal, abdominal hernia
>repair, and 2 c sections in the upper area.

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