Re: Partial bowel obstruction

From: Melody (
Sat Oct 29 17:18:05 2005

Hi Sherry:

I have been battling adhesions since 1990 - in Feb of this year (6 months after my last surgery) I developed a partial small bowel obstruction and since then have experienced your issue - It is a result of the SBO - I fluctuate between, the long skinny stool, pebbles and loose stools......I try to eat low residue foods and cannot tolerate too much food in one sitting so I continuously munch on things through out the day - I have not found anything that has helped my symptoms.....have you been battling adhesions for a while? what's your history?

At Wed, 26 Oct 2005, Sherry Coleman wrote: >
>My bowel movements are very skinny and shaped like a pencil. This
>disturbs me because I am thinking the colon must be obstructed in some
>way. Anybody else have this? Sometimes they are totally flat.

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