Abdominal Adhestions

From: Pam Breffitt (pam.breffitt@ntlworld.com)
Sat Oct 29 17:18:43 2005

Not sure if this is the right place to ask about my problem. Sorry if I go on a bit.

In November 1998 I have 90% of my large bowel removed because of polyps. Everything went well and I returned to work after 3 months.

About 3 years ago I started getting severe pains in my right pelvic area (front and back). I was under a Gynae and still seeing my Gastro consultant. I was being passed from one consultant to the other like a tennis ball. Each one saying it was the others area.

I was admitted to hospital on 3 occasions (via emergency services) only to be discharged by doctors who said I had kidney stones (none of which were ever found). I paid privately to see a Renal consultant who confirmed he though I had kidney stones.

My problem was that my pains would come each month and last for about 2 weeks. I had the lining of my womb removed twice so I didn't always bleed (sometimes just a few spots) on a period. In December 2004 I started plotting the pain and the bleeding and in May it became apparant that the 2 were connected. I didn't bleed again until September. My Gynae agreed to book me in for a laperoscopy which I have just had.

Whilst the procedure went well the outcome was not what I expected. The consultant came to see be but I was still very "groggy" from the procedure. From what I can remember he said that my womb had become fused to my bowel at the back. My womb, along with something else that I can't remember was fused to my abdomen wall just the on the inside of the scar from my last operation. This means that I cannot have a hysterectomy as there is almost a 100% risk that my bowel could get perforated during the separation. Which in turn would mean I have to wear a colostomy bag.

The consultant said that there was far more scar tissue and addesions than he ever expected to see and so he was unable to free any of it.

I have to go back in 6 weeks to have a discussion with him about the options available. I think he wants to discuss it with his colleagues before seeing me.

I am not very happy about all this and I am now wondering why I wasn't given this procedure over 3 years ago when it all started. If I had then maybe the fused parts would not have been so bad and there may have been something they could have done earlier. I remember I asked for a hysterectomy about 3 years ago when it all started but they kept telling me it was kidney stones and a bowel problem.

When I think about all the different medications I've taken over the last 3 years for all the different things they said I had - it makes me very angry. God knows what effect it has had on my other organs.

I can't help wondering if the long wait for diagnosis has made things even worse. If I'd had the hysterectomy 3 years ago when I asked maybe the adhesions wouldn't have been so bad then.

Sorry to go on - I don't quite know what I'm asking here - I suppose I just wanted to tell someone about it. Perhaps I've got a case for misdiagnosis or something. Anyway thanks for reading my story.

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