simple prevention of post -surgery complications

From: Julia (
Sun Oct 23 21:17:41 2005

Lots of people are very thankful to Dr. Wiseman for launching of this website. You are really great man.

I had no any surgery in my life and I am almost 50. My family had immigrated to Canada just 5 years ago. I am happy that an Internet was my friend since then. I was surprised how many people are terminally sick in North America. Many diseases we even did not know in my previous country. For example lupus or Crohn disease where very rarely there. Statistics related with hysterectomy and breast cancer is astonished! Many years ago I went into healthy diet and natural healing of myself and my family.

For example adhesion . I do agree with COX discovery. I read about the same analog to COX in natural medicine offers ( they content anti inflammatory herbs like ginger and probably hyluaronic acid). They suggested it for severe arthritis. COX or it's herbal substitute is a real anti-inflammatory remedy. Also hyluaronic acid is good as enzyme inhibitor. I think that surgeons before after their work have to prescribe these medicine or supplements. Thanks to the author of this website for good news in this field.

The main thing I'd like to say to this community: Folks, follow to my experience. At least, eat healthy food, bye a good juicer ( with enzyme saving gears) drink a lot of fresh pressed own juices, put into juice green enzymes like green organic barley or whatever. There are many high quality immune boosters on the market. The last discoveries of bio companies and I adore them. These are Lactoferrin and HMS-90 (or Immunocal in Canada). I highly recommend them as a powerful boosts of Glutathione level in the body. Why doctors do not prepare their patients before the surgery raising the Glutathione level or do something for the Immune system? What do they study in the universities? How to slaughter people?

I tried taking of fatty asides (Omega 3-5-6 in pills form and oil) and I am sure it helps very much after the any surgery. Fatty asides do prevent any adhesions.

I do recommend it to all women for healthy pelvic area for prevention of ovarian and fibrosis problems as well as cysts, PMS, vaginal dryness problems. As much as you can- take those oils! (Please be sure in a high quality of the product or company, when look for the supplements. Do not get them from chip brands).

I am proud that two years ago I treat in a week my dachshund from vertebral disc disease which paralyzed him completely. My Vet said there is no any treatment for discs paralyze besides the surgery. I had no money for the surgery as well a time to take care of him after the possible surgery complications. Also I was not sure that it will help. I started giving him Glutathione boosting powder made from bio-activated whey. That's it! In a three or five days my doggy start walking. He is 10 years old and after he had another illness; strange tumor on his neck after the last winter. This bump became big and very firm. Surgery? Doctors told me that they check out. If it's a cancer- they make a surgery. If it's a fluid- they suck it up. I need to do that every season. I made a research and found a good website with a good remedy for pets and human ( based on immune boosting component). It called PetVet . There was no any tumor in a 3 month! I could not believe. My doggy could die twice. If my doggy could bear the anesthesia during these very serious surgeries? I am not sure. This remedy was created for arthritic pets and pets with tumor growing.

My dear audience, please, research every source before making any decisions to intervene into your precious body.


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