Recurrent Adhesions, another lap?? Advice Please!

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Sun Oct 23 21:14:13 2005

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seems like we have a whole lot of people who are in the same boat. lot's of pain from various sources (mostly surgery) and no way out. all types of attempts (all surgical in nature) no lasting results.

i've had attempts at lapro surgery. both times the surgeon had to stop as the instrument being used could not proceed any further as the adhesions had taken over the entire area the surgeon wanted to explore. in each case i had to be opened up completely again with the same results - short term relief, long term pain.

need to start seeing a counselor who is trained at helping people face issues like this and learn to live with the fact that this is life. it's no fun but it can help to a small extent.... -- Bill Murphy

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> Subject: Recurrent Adhesions, another lap?? Advice Please!

> I have learned a lot reading on this great post, but I am
having some > problems and I hope that someone out there can help. I

have had many, > many laps over the years, first for endo and after

hysterectomy for > adhesions and recurrent endo.

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