Re: New here...Help!!

From: Jawana Coleman (
Sun Oct 23 21:14:38 2005

My advice - Do NOT have a hysterectomy. I was told it was the cure for my problems with endo adn adhesions and it just made everything worse! I've had 3 surgeries since my hysterectomy to remove endo adn scar tissue. Be careful and good luck.

At Sun, 16 Oct 2005, wrote: >
>Hi Misty,

Here is my story, in l980 I had an emergency >c-section, It was the day I was due and had no problems with my
>pregnancy but I went to the hospital bleeding and instead of saying well
>this is not placenta previa and doing a section then, I layed in the
>hospital for l8 hours, while they hoped I would go into labor.

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