Re: current Adhesions, another lap?? Advice Please!

From: Melody (
Sun Oct 23 21:12:54 2005

I am in your exact situation - the last two surgeries I had (2001 and 2004) they used the two approved barriers - still no good - I have always had pain free episodes of 1 - 3years after past surgeries this last one was only 6 months before I ended up with a partial obstruction - I knew right away all wasn't well as I still had the pain after surgery - thought it was (or should I say hoping it was just healing) but I am now in constant pain and bloated - wit the pain by my bladder now too. No surgeon that I have talked to yet will even touch me! I still think that even 6 months or more of a pain free life is worth the risk of another surgery....but I cannot find anyone that is willing (I have had 6 adhesion surgeries in the last 15 years). All of my tests are negative as well and the docs are now trying to tell me to take an anti-depressant!!! I am convinced my only hope is to go to Germany but I cannot afford such a thing - it will have to be down the road - I am also trying to find out if there will be any US clinical trials coming up that would use the spray gel....I have no answers for you - I have been overwhelmed by the support and resources I have already gotten since finding this site - I also believe that knowledge will be the power to get us through this - I wish I knew what I could do as a sufferer and consumer to bring more awareness of this issue to the medical arena in the US...take care and I wish you the best. Melody

At Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Winefirst wrote: >
>I have learned a lot reading on this great post, but I am having some
>problems and I hope that someone out there can help. I have had many,
>many laps over the years, first for endo and after hysterectomy for
>adhesions and recurrent endo.

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