Myofascial release for adhesions?

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Sun Oct 23 21:12:26 2005

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I was refered to physical therapy for deep tissue massage and Myofascial release. I went two times a week for 6 weeks. I also did a bunch of streching exercises on an exercise ball. The physical therapist tought me how to do these at home. It hasn't released the adhesions but it defenetly stretches them and helps.

I find that if I start having some mild pain and I stretch, that sometimes I can prevent the pain from getting worse. I am also on the pain medication ULTRAM. It helps most of the time and I can continue functioning in life/and going to work. Also I have been going to a great pain managment center. In January of this year I was getting trigger point injections to numb the area on my abdonem. Some of the had a steroid in them and that really helped and seemed to last about a month.

At this time I was also getting PT. April, May, and part of June I only had mild pain and took Motrin 800mg. Then the pain came back worce than ever. I was hospitalized for a week. Basicaly they did nothing for me except keep me doped up on Dilaudid IV. After D/C I gradually got off the narcs and back on the ULTRAM. I also went back to PT witch helped. I have been getting nerve block injections in my inguinal nerve with steroid and was doing great. The injection I got last week didn't seem to work. I am in more and more pain. To top it off that was the last steroid injection I could

have. (They have a limit) I am still doing my Myofascial release and the stretching exercises in hopes something will "snap". Let me know if you find out any more info about MYOFASCIAL RELEASE.


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