From: International Adhesions Society (
Sat Oct 8 08:54:24 2005

Metamucil has helped me a lot get less partial blockages and have more regular, firmer stools. It is not a laxative per se (and will not cure the underlying cause for your blockages), but more of a "bulking agent" (it will give you a larger stool and clean you out). Your Dr gave you good advise. Try it. I would have some (2tsp) loose Metamucil with some lukewarm water in the morning before going to work, and half a Metamusil cracker ( Apple/Cinnamon) before every meal and whenever I was out (it calmes your tummy and gut). You can nibble them throughout the day. Just make sure you get enough fluids.

You have to find out how much Metamucil you need. Start low and gradually work your way up I f you have to. I had less pain, less bloating, less Diarrhea, less discomfort in general. I got this tip, after many calls for help, from a very compassionate Nutritionist and Dietition.

I've had to have a bowel resection this summer and gladly went back on Metamucil ( or bulk Phsyllium) after surgery to combat symptoms from it.

Hope it works for you.


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