Partial bowel obstruction

From: Susan (
Sat Oct 1 18:24:51 2005

I had lap 2 hernia repair 3 months ago with a 4X6 piece of mesh.Surgeon said not many adhesions.I am having a hard time digesting foods.Tell me what a partial bowel obstruction feels like.This is what I feel like.Pain,a pulsing feeling, elevated pulse rate and severe bloating.How long is the average where it resolves itself?At the end of resolving do you have diarrhea?I think boiled peanuts triggered mine.I just today feel halfway normal after having some bowel movements.I ate them Thursday night.What else does everyone have trouble digesting besides peanuts and salads?WHat about meat?Seems that should be a biggie as far as digesting?THanks for the input.Anything to speed up resolving besides laxatives?Susan

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