From: LPS (
Sat Oct 1 18:24:14 2005

I had colon resection in Sept. of 03 due to cancerous tumor.I had surgery a year later for a constant pain that didn't respond to anything. The surgeon stated he had found a weak spot, had removed some of the stitches he had placed in there when i had the resection. The pain was gone, but less that a year later i devoloped a very large hernia. Had the hernia repaired in July of this year. My question, much to my dismay I began having some fairly serious pain in the incision and the area just under the incision, it took me a year to convience my team of doctors that my pain was real. I dread the thought that i am possible faced with that again, how can you tell if its adhesions, if the adhesions are in the small bowel area is it dangerous and what will help the pain

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